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Inclusive planning and development

Planning and development must respond to the demands of increasing urban development, the need to protect fragile environments, the challenge of climate change, and the overriding right of citizens to participate in decisions which affect themselves, their local environment and the planet.

In recent years, there has been a false dichotomy presented to the people of Manly. They have been forced to choose between sorely needed infrastructure and the preservation of our dwindling green spaces. Forcing the community to choose is not necessary - we have the capacity to build better and smarter.

The Green planning policy is founded on innovation, equal weighting of environment and infrastructural needs and genuine community consultation. We are committed to solutions that benefit the whole community. In the case of the current Manly Vale Public School development, we support changing the plan to decrease the impact on the surrounding bushland and local community. By building on the existing footprint, the school can grow next to nature. To address the rising demand for classroom spaces across the northern beaches, rather than a mega school, we support the development of a new primary school.

Full policy here: https://nsw.greens.org.au/policies/nsw/planning-and-infrastructure

A better transport network

Northern Beaches residents have some of the longest commute times in Sydney. The best way to improve congestion, make our commutes faster and protect our environment is through integrated and efficient public transport. The Greens support state-owned and run transport systems that are accessible to everyone. Investing in public transport infrastructure. 

Full policy here: https://nsw.greens.org.au/policies/nsw/transport

Protecting our natural environment

The Manly electorate stretches from the Seaforth and the Spit Bridge as far north as Dee Why. Our electorate is home to some of Sydney’s most beautiful beaches and coastline. This natural environment enriches life for all local residents and the Greens are committed to preserving this natural heritage.

Our coast, bushland and marine environment are significant natural assets belonging to the whole community. They must be protected through ecologically sustainable management. The impact of sea-level rise and other consequences of global climate change, such as increased storm frequency and intensity, must be recognised and incorporated into all decisions relating to coastal management. All development and policy decisions for the Manly environment and coastline should be based on the principles of ecologically sustainable development, including the precautionary principle, and deliver high quality outcomes for the natural and human modified environments.

One of the single biggest impacts on our coast, bush and marine environment is single use plastic bags. The Greens support moving away from use of single use plastic bags and to reusable solutions that are part of the community. By reducing the waste we generate around these fragile ecosystems, we can better preserve and enjoy them for generations to come.

Full policies here: